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Crown Jewel

Growing up in northeast Philadelphia, Steve Iliescu has always known the value of a good cheesesteak and its importance in the cultural scene of this city. As a boy, Iliescu made trips to Center City to get the beloved sandwich at the likes of Pat’s and Geno’s, sparking what would become a lifelong passion.

Best of Philly 2007

If Steve's Prince of Steaks had a South Philly Location, there would no longer be a Pat's-vs.-Geno's feud, because both would, quite possibly, be run out of town.

Best of Philly 1992

In these health-conscious times, people sometimes act like they're too good to chow down on a Philly cheese-steak — that elemental ooze of protein, fat and onions on a roll — but it's funny how vehemently everyone defends their own personal best.